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Eriksson Products Advanced Technology

Eriksson’ commitment to continual innovation and the advancement of hearing technology can be found in each of our products.  With 52 distinct patents – and more being added all the time – Eriksson excels at noise reduction, feedback cancellation and improved clarity.  All Eriksson hearing aids cover the full spectrum of sound up to 8000Hz, providing Eriksson wearers the ability to better understand speech.  There’s digital, and then there’s Eriksson digital.

We are pleased to offer a complete line of hearing aids, with options for every individual need and budget. Eriksson offers three comfortable fitting tips to choose from, eliminating the need for custom ear molds. Eriksson hearing aids can be custom programmed and fitted in less than two hours.

Our Advanced Features

Tinnitus WaveForm™ Technology

For those suffering with tinnitus, Eriksson offer Tinnitus WaveForm™ Technology to provide soothing, all day relief.  The customized programming is designed to meet the unique needs of the wearer.  This feature is offered in our Viska hearing aids.


Intuitive Noise Cancellation3™

Intuitive Noise Candellation3™ technology consists of three coordinated elements. Using a matched pair of microphones, a directional noise reduction system reduces ambient noise by up to 90%. This forms a focused cone of listening towards the front of the patient. Next, a steering mechanism orients the area of greatest noise suppression in the direction of the strongest noise resulting in even better clarity. The noise that remains is now addressed by a fully adaptive temporal noise reduction algorithm that incorporates the ability to distinguish speech and music from noise, thus providing excellent noise reduction performance without sacrificing or distorting the sound that the wearer wishes to hear.


Feedback Management

Feedback is managed through a multi-step technology system. The first of these is an improved feedback cancellation digital filter which is able to predict the feedback component so that it can be eliminated.  The Adaptive entrainment control further reduces any remaining artifacts by dynamically adjusting the feedback canceller’s constraints to a user-specific, trained, coefficient set. Finally, a patented system of five adaptive notch filters, driven by an advanced feedback detection algorithm, attacks feedback components as soon as they appear. Together, this truly puts ‘feedback on hold.’


Easy Adjustments with ClearSpeak™

During the fitting process you have the ability to personalize settings, volume adjustments and program changes to your patient’s preferences.  A simple tap on the back of the aid allows wearers to switch between Party, Music, Dining and Quiet modes, or to change volume.  The hearing aid confirms the mode change with a spoken notification or beep, depending upon preference.  Male and female notifications are available as choices with an adjustable sound level.


Easy Hearing Aid Adjustments

For easy, on-the-go adjustments to settings and volume, Eriksson provides a remote control app for the Viska, Orati and Ariss models.   This application is compatible with Apple® IPhone, Ipad and Ipod Touch, plus all Android® model cell phones.



A high performance wind detector is used to determine when wind is present.  The digital filter is deployed to reduce its impact and enhance wearer enjoyment of the outdoors.


EnviroSenze Ultra™

Eriksson hearing aids have the outstanding ability to adapt to the changing auditory scene.  Ambient sound pressureis continuously monitored and used to dynamically adjust the aggressiveness of the Intuitive Noise Cancellation3™ so that it is fully active in high noise scenarios but backs off when the wearer moves to a quieter scenario.  The new MicArray Sync™ feature continuously monitors the health of the microphones and adjusts their output so that the directional noise reduction system operates perfectly – even when the hearing aid is repeatedly exposed to the elements.


Shock Sound Suppression

Shock Sound Suppression system had been developed to minimize the transient impact of short sharp sounds like car doors being closed.


LifeStyle Analytics

Eriksson recognizes that it’s not possible for wearers to record everything about their hearing aids and describe each situation on their next visit to their fitting professional.  Lyrisincludes  LifeStyle Analytics™, a feature that maintains a log of the hearing aid’s condition and environment of up to a year’s worth of information. The fitting professional can use this information to make adjustments to the fitting, provide advice on usage, change the battery, or perform other maintenance so that the hearing aids continue to perform to the best of their capability.


New Generation Protection for Improved Wearability

A Nano Hydrophobic Coating creates a water-resistant barrier that provides additional protection to the hearing aid.  It also renders the hearing aid extremely easy to clean, as one swipe with a clean cloth will clean the surface. A sweat-proof membrane creates a moisture barrier and repels wax particles that can clog up ports.  Our new multi-surface coating

protects against natural oils and corrosive substances like hair products.  Together, these new features will provide added protection for the hearing aid.  This feature found in our Lyris, Viska and Ariss hearing aids.